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Estado de Emergencia Nacional – National Emergency State 

Due to the present and past  National Emergency State, we inform you that our services  and technichal assitance can be compromised, or with  abnormal delay.

Restrictions access to people outside the company (subject to prior confirmation);

Technical / Commercial interventions will be carried out only using technological means (telephone, email, etc.);

The commercial and technical team remains fully available, via mobile phone, end email.

Delivery of orders with the least possible contact between people; we will have an emergency task force to ensure deliveries.

Please contact your nearest support point if you need to find out more :



Alameda Antonio Sergio nº22, 7º B – Apartado 1002 –  CP: 1495-132 Miraflores  – Algés

TELEFONE:  214153740 – Email : thermounicam@thermounicam.pt


C. Empresarial Ponte da Pedra – Edificio AAA Esc C , Rua Ponte da Pedra,406 – 4470-108 Gueifães – Maia

TELEFONE 229966771  – Email : thermounicam@thermounicam.pt