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A series of webinars where you can see the basics of HPLC, Detectors, columns, and troubleshooting.

Having the right column for your application is critical to obtaining the analytical results and throughput you need. This presentation will help simplify how to choose the correct phase, particle size, and column dimensions, as well as explain how these choices impact your analytical and workflow needs. We will highlight how varying phases might affect your analysis.

Presenter: Sue Diaz, Applications Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ghost peaks can be scary, shifting peaks can be troubling, and broad peaks can be painful. Let’s talk about some common problems chromatographers face and steps to troubleshoot what’s REALLY going on with your analysis. Join us for the first part of chromatography troubleshooting and learn how to sharpen your skills and your peak shape!

Presenter: Dave Hometchko, Staff Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Learn how to modernize any classic HPLC method. Transferring a method to ultra-high performance can be easy and will enable you to take advantage of the latest advances in columns and instrument technologies. This educational webinar will emphasize the benefits of UHPLC to routine quality testing and provide you with takeaway tips on how to effectively understand method transfer in your lab.

Presenter: Mark Tracy, Senior Applications Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

We’ve learned a lot about troubleshooting EASY-Spray columns and wanted to share some tips with you. Join us to learn how you can optimize your EASY-Spray workflow and signs to watch for that might indicate a problem.

Presenter: Estee Toole, Applications Manager, Chromatography Columns & Consumables, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Buffers are incredible if they are made and used properly. If not, they could suppress your analytes and your mood. Improper preparation and storage of buffers can negatively affect the detection and quantitation of any ionic species. This presentation will discuss how to optimize your buffers and as a result, your chromatography.

Presenter: Craig Dufresne, Senior Applications Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Column care can directly impact the quality of your chromatography. Learn how to properly care for your columns and how to troubleshoot if things “go astray.” Join us for HPLC column troubleshooting part 2. Your columns will thank you!

Presenter: Jessica Nezler, Applications Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Polar analytes are complex. We’ve got a full set of columns that will help you optimize your method for polar substances. Let us teach you about Hypercarb columns, which revolutionized chromatography of polar analytes, and let’s also talk about column chemistries that could “charge” your workflow.

Presenter: Mark Tracy, Senior Applications Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific