Extracção de Contaminantes Orgânicos por Microondas – Superior lab’s efficiency in organic pollutants analysis


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Determination of organic pollutants in environmental matrices is a common task for thousands of laboratories worldwide, as it leads to control and protect our environment from high level of contaminants. This determination is often done to evaluate the effectiveness of a remediation process, to check the contamination in waste and from waste landfill and more in general for environmental monitoring. Therefore, every day, environmental laboratories deals with several challenges to ensure high quality data and fast turnaround time, maintaining their competitiveness.
This webinar will focus on practical approaches to extract several contaminants (semi-volatile organics, PAHs, PCBs, chlorinated herbicides, phenols, organophosphorus pesticides, dioxins and furans) from environmental matrices to produce faster and cost-effective data than other extraction techniques. We will share real-world data obtained and throughput consideration in extraction of organic pollutants.

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